Traveler's Guide to Wasilla, Alaska


Wasilla is a unique Alaskan city located just north of Anchorage. It is a stunning location, lying at the head of the Glenn Highway and surrounded by the National Parks of Chugach and Denali, and near the Lake Clark Park and Wilderness. This is a city with the feel of a small town, where community spirit is very evident. Travelers heading to Anchorage should take a day to explore this delightful city and see this Alaskan gem first hand.

Iditarod Trail Race Headquarters, Wasilla

Iditarod Trail Race Headquarters, Wasilla by Arthur Chapman, on Flickr


Wasilla is served by the Glenn Highway which connects it to Anchorage in the South, and the remainder of Alaska in the north. It also has an airport and access to the nearby municipal airport of Palmer. It isn’t served by a ferry service, although it has access to the port at Anchorage, but it does sit on the Alaskan Railroad route. In Wasilla itself, visitors can make use of the public bus service and taxi company to get around.


Wasilla has accommodation in abundance. Inns, suites, bed and breakfast accommodation and cabins are all available to house tourists in comfort. For those coming by road, RV parks and campsites are also in town with full facilities.


Wasilla has a great selection of restaurants to make sure you never go hungry. There are plenty of recognizable names, from McDonalds and Pizza Hut, to Wendy’s and the IHOP. But there are Thai restaurants, seafood specialists and steakhouses on offer as well. There are more than enough eateries to choose from, so dinner here never has to be in the same place twice.

Activities, Cruises and Charters

Thanks to Wasilla’s close to proximity to the National Parks, there are plenty of activities on offer for tourists. Gold panning, hunting, hiking, cycling, fishing and cruising are some of the interesting pursuits available. Many of them can be booked as tours from within Wasilla itself, with transportation to areas like Denali arranged as part of the trip.

Events, Festivals and Interesting Extras

Wasilla plays host to some fantastic events. The city puts on dramatic productions throughout the year, and hosts a photographic competition and a gingerbread house competition on an annual basis. And nearby Palmer is home to the Alaska State Fair, held every August to September just off Glenn Highway, which draws large crowds to this beautiful area. There are plenty of things to see and do here.


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