Traveler's Guide to Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is an iconic, cosmopolitan city located on the western shores of British Columbia, not far from the border with the USA.  It was born as a small town built around a sawmill, and now it is one of Canada’s leading cities of commerce and tourism.  This vibrant city is a cultural mecca for tourists, and visitors will need more than a few days to explore all the delights the Vancouver has to offer.


It boasts an international airport, and plays host to large cruise liners as well as ferries.  It also welcomes trains travelling on the Rocky Mountain Railway making it an accessible city to reach.  Travel in and around Vancouver is equally as accessible.  There road are excellent for driving, and navigation is easy.  The city also hosts a rapid link bus service and a Skytrain inner city service.


Hotels in Vancouver range from the chic and expensive to the family oriented and budget, but whichever category you’re aiming for, there are plenty of fabulous hotels to stay in.  There is also a great selection of bed and breakfasts, motels and hostel, and for the recreational vehicle enthusiast, there are campgrounds located around the city that take advantage of the spectacular scenery.


Vancouver plays proud host to an eclectic range of cuisines, which celebrate its unique and varied culture.  Restaurant-goers with a love of seafood will be delighted by the freshest daily catch, and for those who favor a foreign affair, there will simply be too many restaurants to choose from; French, Italian, Thai, Greek…the list is endless.  Even organic restaurants put in an appearance.  And, as for the wine selection, British Columbia produces some exquisite wines that have reached the pages of magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Activities, Cruises and Charters

Vancouver loves its outdoors, and with the stunning scenery that it’s surrounded by, it’s hardly surprising.  There is a strong emphasis on outdoor pursuits and there are plenty of charter boats and cruises that will take travelers off for a trip on the water.  There are plenty of opportunities to hire fishing charters or simply indulge in some wildlife spotting.  Back on land, there is mountain biking, climbing, skiing (dependent upon the season) and walking to enjoy, as well as a round of golf or two.

Events, Festivals and Interesting Extras

Vancouver has a full calendar of events running throughout every year, and with many of the events running annually, visitors return regularly to join in the fun.  Events in downhill skiing on Grouse Mountain and regular productions at the renowned Playhouse are just a couple of the exciting events on offer.


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Traveler's Guides to Canada



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