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Valdez Restaurants & Dining

Alaska Halibut House
A family owned fast food chain! There are no McDs in Valdez and if you want a deep fried hailbut sanwich and don't want to pay alot for it, get down to the Halibut House.
208 Meals - Phone: 907-835-2788
Fu Kung Restaurant
Chinese food. Kung Pao kicks ass.
207 Kobuk - Phone: 907-835-5255
Mike's Palace
Pizza, Steaks, Greek, Seafood - Mike really can do it all. Also, a place to be "seen".
201 N Harbor - Phone: 907-835-2365
No Name Pizza Company
Local pizza delivery. Good sub sandwiches, as well.
121 Egan - Phone: 907-835-4419
Pipeline Club
Steaks! A red meat kinda place. Also, a nice bar attached.
142 Egan - Phone: 907-835-4332 or 907-835-4891


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