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Fishing Derbies

Valdez Fishing Derbies

Each year halibut weighing up to 300 pounds are caught nearby as well as thousands of salmon that migrate through this part of Prince William Sound. With several charter boat services and boat rentals available at the boat harbor, Valdez is a premier fishing destination. Located within 12 miles of the Valdez boat harbor are three state marine parks - Shoup Glacier, Sawmill Bay and Jacks Bay.

Valdez has one of the finest silver salmon runs in Alaska, with the average 1994 silver weighing in at 9 pounds. In 1996, the silver salmon derby winner was caught by D.L. Morison of Gainsville, Texas, and weighed in at 19.52 pounds. The winning Halibut was 260.8 pounds, caught by B.J. Bond of Delta Junction. Valdez also has the largest sport fishery for pink salmon, with the majority of fish being caught from shore. This year start looking for king salmon released from the Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery as they return to Valdez.

If you prefer fresh water fishing, nearby lakes and streams offer Dolly Varden, Rainbow trout, and Grayling.

1996 Halibut Derby Winners
Picture Yourself Here this season!

Here are just a few of the many Weekly Prize Winners!

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The 2006 derby dates were:

  • Halibut - May 20 to Sept 3
    1st Place: $15,000 cash
    2nd Place: $5,000 cash
    3rd Place: $2,000 cash, along with weekly prizes

  • Silver Salmon - July 29 to Sept 3
    1st Place: $15,000 cash
    2nd Place: $5,000 cash
    3rd Place: $2,000 cash, daily and weekly prizes as well

  • Womens' Silver Salmon Derby - Aug 12th


      Halibut Silver Pink
    1999 Janet Roth
    John Hales 18.48 # $10.000 Pravat Phumiin (8. 20lbs)
    2003 Joe Prax - 251#
    Frank Koterba – 18.18#- $15,000  
    Lloyd Jones - 310.6# Don Little 19.44#  
    David Bruno - 325.4#

    Brad Grose

    Women's Silver
    Jenny Heckathorn

    This could be you!

You MUST have purchased a derby ticket in order to win! Some unlucky anglers have missed thier big prize for not having a derby ticket when they landed that monster fish! Don't let that happen to you; be sure you have your derby tickets!

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