Shoup Bay State Marine Park in Prince William Sound

Shoup Bay State Marine Park is the closest marine park to Valdez, Alaska. It's accessable by boat and by a trail starting in Valdez along the north side of the Port of Valdez. Besides the relatively easy access, Shoup Bay is well know for the Shoup Glacier which calves into the tidal lake and the black-legged Kittiwake rookery located in the lagoon. Other prince william sound wildlife can be found here. Because of the tidal influence, the receding glacier and it's moraine, Shoup bay can only be reached at high tide. Use caution.

Three State Parks cabins are available for reservation - They fill up quick and you must reserve months in advance. Additionally, there are campsites for groups and individuals.


Information from: Alaska State Parks

Pangaea Adventures has guided sea kayaking trips to Sawmill Bay .

sea kayak unloading on Shoup Bay park

A water taxi in action at Shoup Glacier State Marine Park in Prince William Sound. This sure beats the 10 mile kayak from Valdez. Photo: Flickr: geefour907

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