Hunting terminology and FAQ

Hunting terminology changes from state to state. It's wise to learn the Alaska's definition for tags, harvest tickets, and permits and other terms Alaskan hunting regulators use.

Hardest ticket- free from licensed vendors, must be carried in the field and validated immediately upon taking game and returned to Fish and game after the hunt

Locking tag -- this tag is locked on the high immediately after the kill and remains there until processing or exporting. tags are priced according to residency status and cost anywhere from $30 (Wolf) to $1100 (Muskox Bull) for the nonresident.

Sealing - required for bears from some areas, the hunter must take the skull and skin to an officially designated sealing officer.

Hunting license -- can be purchased online and via mail. a nonresident hunting license in 2011 costs $85

Drawing Permit - a lottery-type system established for limiting the number of hunters in an area. McNeil River bear viewing permit is managed by the system

General season hunts -- basic on that requires a license, tags or harvest tickets and following the general season dates and bag limits.

Registration hunts --these hunts are not limited by the number of permits that are close by emergency order if a harvest goal is met. hunters must apply at ADF&G offices - nearest to Prince William sound is Córdoba and Anchorage.



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