Big game hunting in Prince William Sound

Hunting black bear, Brown/ Grizzly bear, deer, mountain goat, and moose is one of the many recreation opportunities in Prince William Sound. Alaska and hunting are practically synonymous. Hunting and fishing are simply part of the lifestyle for an Alaskan. Visitors can experience this lifestyle by using one of the many guiding services in the area.

Prince William sound falls into the Chugach national Forest. Fortunately for the big game hunter, hunting is allowed in the Chugach national Forest and is managed by Alaska Department of Fish and game. the process for visitors to obtain a hunting permit is not hard but can be confusing.

Game Management Units for Alaska
Prince William Sound is Game Management Unit 6. Click for all Alaska GMUs.


The Bible for Alaskan hunting it is the Alaska hunting regulations, which is produced each year and is available for download at the Alaska Department of Fish and game website. You can request a printed hard copy of the Alaska hunting regulations by e-mailing or by calling (907) 465-4190.

Properly preparing for your hunting trip is vital to success and safety. It's best if you research the topic thoroughly -- that's what this primer is here for. Additionally you can take in Alaska hunter education course ( which may be required for those born before 1986 and in certain GMUs) or Alaska hunter clinics offered by ADFG's hunter information and training program.

Alaska Big Game Hunt Guides

Captain Ron's Alaska Adventures
Unguided hunts for black bear, Sitka black-tailed deer, ducks and Canada geese. All travel and lodging in Prince William Sound is aboard the comfortable 45' F/V Quiana
Unguided hunt service and game transport. Offers a water taxi servicing Western Prince William Sound, Alaska for licensed hunter drop off and hunter transport.
Guided hunts in PWS and other areas of the state.
Alaska Jumping Salmon Lodge
Unguided lodging for hunters. Offers lodge style accomodations and support services.

Sitka Black tailed deer
Sitka Black tailed deer are sought after species in the forests surrounding the Prince William sound.

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