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Alaska's Copper River Valley

Your True Alaska Playground! Ain't no big City here! If you have the taste for TRUE ALASKA ADVENTURE, and want to experience the great Alaskan hospitality and cuisine without a tour guide holding your hand every step of the way; then this is the place...

Traveler's Guide to McCarthy & Kennicott, AK

The year was 1900. Jack Smith and Clarence Warner, two prospectors, spotted a large green spot on the mountainside between the Kennicott Glacier and McCarthy Creek. What looked like a patch of green grass turned out to be one of the richest deposits of copper ore ever found!

Traveler's Guide to Anchorage, Alaska

The cultural and transportation capital of Alaska, Anchorage shouldn't been seen as JUST a layout. Use this guide to find the best anchorage has to offer.

Traveler's Guide to Valdez, Alaska

Welcome to the Traveler's Guide to Valdez, Alaska. These pages are here to help you plan your trip by providing you with information about the services and accommodations that you may need to make your trip memorable. Valdez is located on the north shore of Port Valdez, a deepwater fjord in Prince William Sound. It lies 120 air miles east of Anchorage, or 305 miles by the Richardson and Glenn Highways. It is the southern terminus of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline...

Traveler's Guide to Cordova, Alaska

A simple guide to Cordova, Alaska. A small fishing town in Prince William Sound with big history and adventure.

Traveler's Guide to Seward, Alaska

A guide to Seward, home of epic fishing and the world famous fourth of July Mountain Marathon.

Traveler's Guide to Whittier, Alaska

A simple guide to Whittier, Alaska. A small town in the middle of South Central Alaska, but perfectly isolated and remote.

Chicken, Alaska: A gold prospector's family vacation destination

You can still find shiney yellow stuff in Chicken, Alaska. A town known for a funny name and GOLD!

Traveler's Guide to Juneau, Alaska

Situated in Southeast Alaska between the vast expanse of the Juneau Icefield and the Gastineau channel, Juneau is the isolated capitol city of Alaska.

Alaska Maps

These maps of Alaska will help you plan your Alaska vacation! Download GoogleEarth to view .kmz files and choose your region to view Alaska travel maps.

Commercial Fishing Photo Album

A great 3 page set of photos taken on a real seine boat in Prince William Sound. (Courtesy Roy Hansen)

McCarthy & Kennicott Photo Album

Riding the tram across the Kennicott River, Ruins at the old Kennicott copper mines, More ruins at the Kennicott copper mines, An old railroad trestle along the way to McCarthy, McCarthy Lodge - "Beer, Bull, & Grub", An old wagon at McCarthy...

The Valdez Photo Album

Commercial fishing boats seining for salmon near Valdez, Sea lion sunning himself on a handy perch in Valdez Arm, An Eagle waits for a snack to swim by, Fishing for cod and pink salmon at the city dock, Allison Point - pink salmon fishing on a sunny afternoon, Allison Point - the fun begins, Allison Point - scenery, sun, and fishing - what could be better?, A view of the Valdez small boat harbor, Valdez Museum, We get lots of snow in the winter - these are two views of...

A Prince William Sound Google Earth Slideshow

A great way to take a flightseeing trip without leaving your computer desk. These satellite photos give you a rare look at the features of Prince William Sound.

A Copper River Valley Google Earth Slideshow

A great way to take a flightseeing trip without leaving your computer desk. These satellite photos give you a rare look at the features of the Copper River Valley.


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