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Pete Lowney: The Brittle Beauty of Ice Climbing

The world of Alaskan high adventure through the camera lens of Pete Lowney, a big mountain enthusiast and Valdez resident.  Pete was recently featured on the cover of Alaska Magazine climbing the awe inspiring ice falls of Valdez.

Alaska gold mining and prospecting page

Goldminers and recreational Alaskan gold prospectors! Look here first for all the gold nuggets of information on the 'net

Chicken Alaska gold prospector's story

Bill Kalt, a gold miner from Tok, Alaska, describes Chicken from a gold miners prospective.

Dr. Dale A Houseman and A Theory of the Genetic Code

In many ways the explanation is simple and in many ways explaining the process is complex; probably the best method of explaining it is analogies that are familiar from everyday life. A little later in this interview, I will give a more explicit explanation in terms of the formula E=MC2. I will try to develop a few analogies and then start with the phenomenon known as the Big Bang and work from there.

History and Humor of Alaska

Lone Janson arrived in Alaska in 1945 as an adventure-seeking young girl. She has worked railroads, canneries, cooking, and commercial fishing alongside many of the old-timers she has written about. But through all her adventures, she has always been a journalist; first and foremost.

Richard Janson Sr.

Dick Janson Sr. was a story-teller of no mean talent. He was a big tough Swede, with a hearty laugh and a healthy disrespect for anything pompous in life. Dick was a symbol of a passing age - an age of bindle stiffs and bull Swedes, strong men who knew how to tough it out and laugh it off.

Tipsy and the Union Meeting

"I got to the cabin and I had a couple of drinks of moonshine to cool off. Ma and the kids were gone to town in the skiff, and I was alone. I was mad, and drinking and thinking things over, and what should happen but in walks Tipsy with his nose full of quills. "Something had to be done about it, but Ma was in town, so it was up to me. So I had another snort and started after Tipsy. Well, Tipsy saw me coming and he backed away and took off out the door like a steak of light, and me after him. I chased him all over that meadow up there, and finally caught him...

Richard Villa of St. Elias Alpine Guides

Meet this wilderness guide who has scaled more peaks than he can count and has the photos to prove it!  Richard Villa has been guides the rivers, trails, and climbs of the Wrangell - St. Elias National Park with St.Elias Alpine Guides.  He lives in  McCarthy, Alaska, a quaint town of under 30 year round residents in a cabin he built.  He now brings this experience to the web, just for you...


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