Traveler's Guide to Juneau, Alaska

Situated in Southeast Alaska between the vast expanse of the Juneau Icefield and the Gastineau channel, Juneau is the isolated capitol city of Alaska.  The city itself boasts two cruise ship ports of call, an international airport, as well as being a serviced stop along the Alaska Marine Highway state ferry system.  This type of accessibility makes Juneau highly convenient, since the city is only reachable by sea or air.


Getting to Juneau requires a flight or a boat ride. There are no roads contecting Juneau to the Lower 48 or Canada. Once you are there, bus and taxi service are available. There is a city bus as well as tourist busses to carry you to the scenic hotspots, like the Mendenhall Glacier.

Alaska Airlines
Alaska Air is the only commercial airline utilizing the Juneau International Airport.

Alaska Marine Highway System
One of the most versatile types of travel Alaska has to offer is the AMHS.

Juneau offers at-terminal car rental.
Budget Car Rental
Alamo Car Rental



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