Traveler's Guide to Juneau, Alaska

Situated in Southeast Alaska between the vast expanse of the Juneau Icefield and the Gastineau channel, Juneau is the isolated capitol city of Alaska.  The city itself boasts two cruise ship ports of call, an international airport, as well as being a serviced stop along the Alaska Marine Highway state ferry system.  This type of accessibility makes Juneau highly convenient, since the city is only reachable by sea or air.


Juneau is home to the Taku Smokeries and Fisheries houses, which is where local fisherman from all over Southeast Alaska bring their catch to be cleaned and prepared.  What this means for the diner is that there is no better place in Alaska to enjoy fresh seafood than right here in Juneau!

The Twisted Fish-
The Twisted Fish get their seafood from the connected Taku Fisheries House, which means that the fish doesn’t get any fresher! 
The Hangar-
The focus here is once again delightfully on the seafood.  The Flight Deck around back offers the Hangar’s menu for takeaway.
Red Dog Saloon
The menu is eclectic and the drink specialty of the Red Dog, the “duck fart”, is not for the faint of heart!
Timberline Bar and Grill-
Situated at the top of the Mt. Roberts Tramway, a fine selection of seafood, ribs, and steaks is on the menu.
Heritage Coffee Company
A local take on the fresh coffee you love.  
Silverbow Bakery
Carrying on a tradition lasting since 1890 the Silverbow bakery serves Juneau with the freshest baked goods the city has to offer. 
The Alaskan Bar-
The kitchen offers up the usual bar grub of burgers, chicken sandwiches and French fries done right.
The Sandpiper Café-
You would be hard-pressed to find a better place in Juneau for breakfast than the Sandpiper Café. Located at 429 West Willoughby Avenue


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