The Copper Spike

Copper River & Northwestern Railway


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In 1975 the Trans-Alaska Pipeline was the headline story, the focus of attention in Alaska. but way back in 1905 to 1911 there was another Alaska construction job that was comparable in magnitude and interest.

The building of a railroad up the Copper River, from tidewater to the rich copper mines at Kennicott, was an epic event that pitted gang against gang in pitched battles over rights-of-way. There were herculean struggles to overcome natural obstacles, including the building of a bridge where experts said none could be built.

Michael J Heney, the "Irish Prince", was the man whose vision and know-how made the railroad possible, but he did not live to see it's completion.

Lone E. Janson, who now lives in Anchorage, but for many years was the waterfront reporter for The Cordova Times, combined extensive library research with dozens of "I was there" interviews to put together this engrossing story, THE COPPER SPIKE.

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