Traveler's Guide to Fairbanks, Alaska


Fairbanks is located in the Interior region of Alaska and is the second largest city in the area.  It is situated in a landscape that is thought of as subarctic, with lengthy and very cold winters and short, although surprisingly warm summers.  Snow is rarely in short supply and on clear winter nights, this is a great city to visit for viewing the Aurora Borealis. 


Fairbanks may be further north than many inhabited parts of Alaska, but it is far from isolated thanks to the existence of an International airport and two smaller airfields.  It is accommodated by ferries and by road as well as rail.  Getting around once you’re here is just as simple, with taxis, buses and car and RV rentals.  Some companies offer one way rentals to Canada.


There is a wide choice of hotels and motels for every kind of traveler, and for the budget conscious, hostels and Bed and Breakfasts are available.  In true Alaskan fashion, there are log cabins available to rent for the perfect remote retreat not far from the city.


Of course Alaskan Salmon is going to feature on the menus here, but as well as rustic restaurants with great home cooking, and International eateries offering Mexican and Thai cuisine, the words ‘fine dining’ are also relevant thanks to a few excellent restaurants that delivery exquisite food for the discerning diner.

Sled Dogs Wishing You a Happy Furry Friday

Sled Dogs Wishing You a Happy Furry Friday by born1945, on Flickr

Activities, Cruises and Charters

Fairbanks is a city that offers plenty of activities for its visitors, including the age old tradition of dog sled mushing.  Hot air ballooning and gold panning are some of this unique pursuits that tourists to the area can experience, and there are fishing boat charters available for keen anglers.

Tanana Valley Sportmen's Association

Events, Festivals and Interesting Extras

Fairbanks plays host to a variety of International events, including an International Dog Sled Race that sees participants and spectators attend from around the globe.  Wine tasting, Shakespearian productions and ice hockey all have a place in the city’s extensive events calendar that will make visitors wish they were able to stay for longer.


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