Traveler's Guide to Cordova, Alaska

When you visit the place with the most famous salmon the world has ever known - the copper river red - be sure to taste some. I like my red salmon grilled over a campfire, but these restaurants do a pretty good job too. Also, a taco bus and a wood fired pizza oven.



The Reluctant Fisherman
World famous Copper River Salmon in the copper embellished dining room with a view of harbor. The dining room of the hotel is a well liked by locals and visitors.
The Baja Taco Restaurant
Established in 1988, It was originally just an old bus which was outfitted for a kitchen to serve the many locals and tourists that frequent Cordova during the summer months. Today, the Baja Taco continues to serve some of Cordova's best meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has been featured in Sunset Magazine and the "Best Of" series on the Food Network.
Harborside Pizza
We serve Handcrafted Pizzas cooked in our Authentic Italian Wood-Fired Oven. Online menu available.



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