Traveler’s Guide to Cordova, Alaska

The best way to see a place, anyone will tell you, is during a celebration. The townspeople are out and in the mood for fun. The air is light and happy, which make it easy for visitors to join in on the fun.

Festivals and Events in Cordova, Alaska

Copper River Wild! salmon festival
Join us for a jam packed weekend full of fun and festivity at the Copper River Wild! salmon festival in Cordova, Alaska. Experience the energy and enthusiasm of our rustic fishing community on the Prince William Sound (home to world famous wild Copper River salmon) through a wide variety of art, music, road races and educational events. The Copper River Wild! Festival aims to celebrate salmon and promote the health and sustainability of local salmon runs.
Cordova Iceworm Festival
The first full weekend of every February, Cordova rolls out the royal red carpet and welcomes guests from all over the world to the annual Iceworm Festival. In 1961, a few Cordovans created the Iceworm Festival as a way to break the winter blues. Since then, it has turned into one of the most successful festivals in Alaska. Three days of fun-filled events showcase Cordova's talents, hospitality and sense of humor.
The Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival
Greetings bird lovers! This is the official home page for the annual Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival, held each year in beautiful Cordova, Alaska. In early May, the tidal flats of the Copper River Delta shimmer with the activity of hundreds of thousands of shorebirds. As many as 5 million shorebirds rest and feed here during spring migration. The Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival provides the ideal opportunity for bird watchers to be part of this epic migration. For more information about this important shorebird area, visit the Copper River Delta — Critical Habitat Area.

Salmon fishing prince william sound

Anchorites love to Rondy-Even way back in 1959. This photo is taken looking east (towards to the Chugach mountains) on 4th Avenue. Photo:Tandemracer@Flickr


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