Chitina and Alaska's Copper River Valley

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A good look at the Edgerton Hwy coming into Chitina (pronounced Chit - nah) Alaska(1). This is where the Ahnta Native Alaskans live. During the world famous Copper River Red Salmon run - the Native people put out fish wheels(2) that harvest the fish from the river. It's amazing to watch. Imagine a slow moving paddle boat or an old mill. The current drives the wheel and everyonce in awhile, a Giant King Salmon or slightly smaller copper river red salmon is dipped up and flops into an underwater cage.

Alaskan sport dip netters use the area south of the McCarthy road bridge, mostly around O'brian creek(3). It's quite the festival during the season. But, sorry out of stater's - this fishery is for ALASKANS ONLY.

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