Tonsina Lake and river: Copper River Valley

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Tonsina Lake and river. I thought these clouds and shadows where pretty cool.

It reminded me of a fishing / rafting trip I took with John Fowler (of Chugach Paws) and Lyon L. We loaded up my truck and drove in from the Richardson as far as we could go and put in a raft. We floated and fished some holes on the way down.

Good times - As I recall both Lyon and I got skunked by John. John was nice about it and gave us some on his fish. As we loaded up the boat, John says, “Careful around here, it's Bear- thirty.” It was around 11pm and the sun was just below the horizon. Sure enough, we saw a bear scamper across the road. Which generally doesn't worry me, but I didn't have my shoes on at the time, smelled like fish, and, in fact, had fish in a cooler. But the bear kept going - nice bear.

Good times in the Copper River Valley.

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