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Alaska's Copper River Valley

Alaska is such a great place. I lived in Valdez for 4 years and liked it okay enough. But the real fun was "up country" in the Copper River Valley and in places like Chitina and McCarthy and Thompson Pass. It's a place where people fish and drink cheap beer all night by a campfire. It's a place with 25 acre homestead lots 2 and a half miles down a jeep track. It's a place to fill up the truck with firewood from the Spruce Bark Beetle kill. You can catch grayling on ultra light tackle or fight a king salmon for 45 minutes. Bush pilots, dog mushers and the usual cast of Alaskan characters are common and in their natural habitat - Alaska's Copper River Valley!

More at the Copper River Valley Visitor's Guide

Be sure to stop in Valdez and McCarthy.

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