Alaska's Copper River Valley - McCarthy & the old Kennecott Copper Mine

McCarthy, Alaska Tram

How to use the Trams
(Alas, the tram is no longer in service.  Fortunately, there is a sturdy footbridge to allow easy access to McCarthy and Kennicott)
Courtesy Kenyon Services, McCarthy,
from A Visitor's Guide to Kennicott & McCarthy, Copyright 1996 (see credits below).

The Kennicott River trams were constructed in 1983 by local residents, with financial help from the State of Alaska. Please use extreme caution, and if you see any problems, please report them to the museum, one of the lodges, or the shuttle bus driver.

It is far easier to sit in the tram car and have someone pull from either end than it is to sit in the car and propel yourself. If waiting passengers pull you across, return the favor by helping pull the next passengers.

Don't pull too fast or ram the car against the tram platforms. Slow down as the car approaches a platform and let the passengers signal a stop.

If you want to use a tram and the car is standing idle on the opposite side, pull on the upper rope to bring it across to you.

Brackets on the outside of the tram cars, originally installed to transport sheets of plywood, are a good place to hang rucksacks and bicycles. Tie on the odds and ends of gear with safety straps and hold on the small kids.

Please don't overload the trams. They are not designed to carry heavy weights. ATV's and motorcycles are strictly prohibited, for experience has shown they cause the most damage.

Credit where credit is due

Articles above are from A Vistor's Guide to Kennicott & McCarthy, and are reprinted, in part, with permission of Kenyon Services.

A Visitor's Guide to Kennicott & McCarthy is published by Kenyon Services, McCarthy, PO Box MXY, Glennallen, Alaska 99588. Phone (907) 554-4454 or Email Copyright 1996. all rights reserved. The Guide is distributed free to area visitors. Single copy mail requests enclose $1.50 for postage. Publishers & Editors Rick & Bonnie Kenyon. Thanks to Ed LaChapelle for articles on Glaciers, Creeks & Rivers, How to be a Welcome Visitor, and How to use the trams.

Photographs: Agnes M. Hansen, Valdez, Alaska

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