Copper Center Lodge and Trading Post
Historic Roadhouse since 1898 Comfortable Rooms,Restaurant,Museum,Fishing
Mi.101 Old Richardson Hwy-Copper Center-Phone (907) 822-3245
Gilpatrick's Hotel Chitina
Downtown historic Chitina, Alaska - mile 33 Edgerton Hwy.
Kennicott Glacier Lodge
907-258-2350 or 800-582-5128
Great views - Main Street Kennicott
New Caribou Hotel and Restaurant
Hot Tub / Suites, Convenient location, Good Food
Downtown Glennallen - Phone: 822-3302
Tolsona Lake Resort
Campsites, Boat & Canoe rentals, Hunting & Fishing, Licenses, and good food
Mile 173, Glenn Highway - Phone: 822-3433
Wolverine Lodge - Lake Louise
Modern Rooms - Bar - Restaurant - Lake View, Boat & Snowmachine Rentals
Lake Louise - Phone: 822-3988
Meier's Lake Roadhouse
Mile 170 Richardson Highway
Gakona, Ak
Phone: 907-822-3151
Wellwood Bed and Breakfast
Bed and breakfast, hiking trails.
Located on the Edgerton Highway, the main access route to Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.
HC60 Box 227, Copper Center, AK 99573
Phone: (907) 822-3418
Lake Louise Lodge
Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge & Comfortable Rooms - Lake View
Lake Louise - Phone: 822-3311
Golden Spruce Cabins-
Convenience Store, Espresso Bar, Hot Sandwiches, Snacks, Dry RV Camping
Kenny Lake- Phone: 822-5556 
Gakona Lodge & Trading Post
Clothing, Groceries, Hardware, Restaurant, Gas and Lodging
Mile 2, Tok Cutoff - Phone: 822-3482
McCarthy Lodge
McCarthy Alaska - Phone: 554-4402
McCarthy Bed & Breakfast
McCarthy Alaska - Phone: 554-4433
Kennicott River Lodge & Hostel
McCarthy Road
The best darn Hostel this side of Canada- Phone: (907) 554-4441
Cleft of the Rock Bed and Breakfast

0.5 Sundog Trail, Tok, Alaska 99780 - 1-800-478-5646

Pippin Lake Bed & Breakfast
Copper Center, AK 99573 - milepost 82.2 on the Richardson Hwy
Home: (907) 822-3046 Cell: (907) 320-0435
Wild West Klutina Lodge
Luxury accommodations, including satellite TV and a pool table in Copper Center. The main lodge includes a professional kitchen, large dining room, living room with a wood-burning stove, and 2 guest rooms with private bathrooms. The guest cabin includes 2 double beds and 5 single beds, a cozy den, and a back porch with exceptional views.


Hotels on the McCarthy Road

Name Phone # Location Type of Accommodation
Copper River Campground None Mile .1 Picnic tables, grills, pit toilet, river access
Strelna Zephyr Bunk House 259-3055 Mile 14.5 (Strelna) Cabins, sauna, trails, fishing
Alaska Halfway House B&B

None—email only:

Mile 27
Cabin, B+B, RV Park, camping
Currant Ridge Cabins 1-877-647-2442 Mile 56.7 Deluxe private log cabins
Aspen Meadows B&B 554-4454 Mile 58 Private cabins, breakfast, information
Glacier View Campground 554-4490 Mile 58.9 Scenic & private campsites, cabin, bike rentals
McCarthy Bed and Breakfast 554-4433 Mile 60.5 Breakfast, tours, information
Kennicott River Lodge & Hostel 554-4441
Mile 60.5

Cabins, lodge rooms, dorms, common area, kitchen
Base Camp Root Glacier 746-0606 End of the Road Camping, parking, phone, tire repair, info
Ma Johnson Hotel 554-4402 McCarthy
Downtown McCarthy hotel
McCarthy Lodge 554-4402 McCarthy Downtown McCarthy, restaurant, bar
Lancaster Hotel 554-4402 McCarthy Downtown McCarthy, backpacker’s hotel
Kennicott Glacier Lodge 800-582-5128 Kennecott Modern hotel, home meals, showers
17 Silk Stocking Row
554-1717 Kennecott Rooms, cottage, views, kitchen
Kennicott Cottage
554-4460 Kennecott Cabin
Historic Kennicott Cottage
554-1717 Kennecott Cabin
Kennecott Bed & Breakfast
554-4420 Kennecott Two new apartments with kitchen & views


Lodging and Campgrounds along the Richardson Highway

Name  Phone Location Type of Accommodation
Paxson Lake Campground None Mile 189 Dump Station, water, fishing,
Denali Highway Cabins 822-5972 Mile 185.6 Cabins, views,
Paxson Inn & Lodge 822-3330 Mile 185.5 Lodge, restaurant, rooms, showers,
Fielding Lake Recreation Site None Mile 164 Primitive camping
Sourdough Creek Campground None Mile 148 Toilets, fishing, picnic spots, boat ramp,
Copper River Country B&B 822-3388 Mile 127.8 One two-bedroom apartment,
Gakona Junction Village 822-3664 Mile 128.5 Cabins, gas station,
Dry Creek Campground None Mile 117.5 Camping, toilets, water, fishing, shelter,
Tazlina River RV Park 822-5434 Mile 110.5 RV Park with facilities,
Sawing Logzz B&B 822-3242 Mile 105 Old Rich. Bed & Breakfast in large log home
Copper River Princess Lodge 822-4000 Mile 102 Hotel, restaurant, tours, gift shop,
Copper Center Lodge 822-3245 Mile 101 Old Rich. Historic Roadhouse and Restaurant
Klutina Salmon Camp 822-3991 Mile 100.7 Old Rich. RV hookups, tents, cabins, dump station,
Grove's Klutina Fish Camp 822-5822 Mile 100.5 Old Rich. RV hookups, tents, rooms, dump station,
King for A Day Campground 822-3092 Mile 100.5 RV hookups, tents, cabin, showers, laundry,
Grizzly Gifts Campground 822-3828 Mile 93 Campground, RV and tents, bar, café,
Willow Lake B&B 822-3961 Mile 88.5 Cabin,
Pippin Lake B&B 822-3046 Mil 80 Cabin,
Tonsina Lodge 822-5978 Mile 79 Motel, RV Park,
Squirrel Creek Recreation Site None Mile 79.5 Toilets, water, fishing,
Billy Mitchell Recreation Site None Mile 47.8 Rest area, outhouse, covered picnic areas,
Blueberry Lake Campground None Mile 23 Campsites, Toilets, trails, fishing,
Allison Point Campground 835-2282 Mile 3 RV Park / campground,
Glacier Campground 835-2282 Airport Road Campground


Hotels and Lodging along the Edgerton Cutoff

Wellwood Center B&B  822-3418  Mile 5.7 In-home B&B, trails, campsites
Copper Moose B&B  822-4244  Mile 5.8  Bed & Breakfast.
Kenny Lake Mercantile  822-3313  Mile 7.5  RV, motel, gift shop, store, tent, diner, dump, gas, laundry, showers
Golden Spruce Cabins  822-5556  Mile 9.9  Log cabins, convenience store, showers, gifts
Bear and Bison B&B  822-4109  Mile 17.2  Bed & Bath on the Bluff
Tonsina River Retreat  822-3078  Mile 19.5  Cabin, Sauna
Liberty Falls State Park  None  Mile 23.5  Toilets, picnic tables, trails, waterfall
Chitina Guest Cabins  823-2266  Mile 32.2  Log Cabins
Caribou/Eagle Clan Cabin  823-2223  Mile 32-33  Cabins, kitchens, views
Hotel Chitina  823-2244  Mile 33 Restored historic hotel with rooms, saloon, restaurant.
Chitina House B& 823-2298  Mile 33 Continental breakfast, private rooms, shared bath


Lodging and accomodations along the Glenn Highway

Northern Nights 822-3199  Mile 188.9  RV Park, campground, hookups, dump
Fireweed Hill B&B 822-3627  Mile 187.8  Bed and Breakfast
Moose Horn RV Park 822-3953  Mile 187.6  Campground in downtown Glennallen
Waterworks RV Park 822-4420  Mile 187.4  RV Park, hookups, etc
Caribou Hotel 822-3302  Mile 187  Full service hotel, restaurant, year-round
Tolsona Wilderness Camp  822-3865  Mile 173  Showers, hookups, laundry, dump, views
Tolsona Lake Resort 822-3433  Mile 170.5  Resort and Camper Parking



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