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Chitina, Alaska

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Chitina is located at the end of the Edgerton Cutoff highway, which splits or cuts off from the Richardson Highway south of Glennallen and north of Thompson pass. The McCarthy road starts at the Copper River and leads into the Wrangell - St. Elias National park. There is an airstrip here which is used by alaska bush pilots to transport visitors in the backcountry of the national park. The copper river is the dominate feature of the town and many people visit here for Dip-net fishing for the world renown, Copper River Red salmon.

The history of the area is tied to the native population and the Copper River Northwest Railroad, the famous railroad that carried copper from the Kennicott mines to Cordova. Chitina was a railway stop and relatively large town during the boom years of 1910-1938.

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Festivals and Events

The best way to see a place, anyone will tell you, is during a celebration. The townspeople are out and in the mood for fun. The air is light and happy, which make it easy for visitors to join in on the fun.

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Tours and Activities

Chitina is a sleepy Alaskan town that is the gateway to the McCarthy Road and the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

 The Copper River
The glacier slit gray waters of the Copper River slide past the town of Chitina. Here you can view the dip-netters in season or watch the fish wheels collect fish for subsistence fisherman.
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Interesting Extras

Tales of a rafting trip on the Copper River by the well known alaskan adventurer, Ralph Tingey.
Where the Hell Is Chitina? - Travel blog by Patti and Bill
You may know the famous "Wall Drug" bumper sticker. Alaskans have there own version of a popluar bumper sticker. "Where the hell is Chitina?". You'll notice it stamped on rusted old subarus everywhere.
The Wrangell Mountains from Nabesna to Chitina - August 2004



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